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The process of producing visual communication to invoke a significant change in your business, is my specialty.

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1. Tell me about you and your business.

What do you need? Do you have cashflow challenges? Do you want to attract ideal clients? Do you really need renders/video? Why now? How big is your development vision? Who is your audience? What do they care about? What do you want to happen? Why? How do you define success? How can we measure if your visuals have made your project reach that success?

What is your take on the lifestyle of your buyers, or the motivation of your funders? What will move them and help them feel confident you’ve got what they need and it’s just right? Do you think visual communication is a trivial or a major contributor to achieving your goal?

How valuable is the business outcome you want and why do you think I can help?

Now I can give you 3 fixed-price options that encompass overages so I can give you 100% satisfaction.

2. The nitty gritty of your project.

We’ll go through your project and uncover every stone we can at this stage, and then you’ve done your bit, the bulk is done. Forget about it while production takes place until review times. This is an efficient use of your time and mine.

Please send over drawings, models, materials photos, schedules, etc.

We’ll work together until you’re 100% happy.

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Chris Bradwell

Chris Bradwell

I’m a Husband, Dad and all-in entrepreneur.

My career in 3D visuals spans 2 decades.

My background is in the games industry, a 3D Artist and Designer making video games in talanted small teams published by Capcom, BBC Worldwide, Microsoft Game Studios, Electronic Arts and Atari.

We won a BAFTA.

In 2011 I set out with just 1K to start a business using to produce stunning visuals by combining my love for architecture and gaming technology and communication.

I’ve helped business outcomes for the V&A Museum of Design Dundee and Ikea.

In between meeting clients for strategic thinking and planning their projects I work at my home studio with a roster of hand picked remote freelancers on a wide range of new project.

Using story and imagery of a future yet to unfold is what I do best.

Experience has taught me that leaving out meaning and purpose during the process of strategising through to design and production, and instead concentrating exclusively on aesthetics means that viewers might appreciate, but not connect with everything that we’re trying to convey.

I approach it as a spectrum from the soft end to the hard end. The soft side covers people and story, the hard side covers things and facts.

We can’t leave either side and still make a connection with the humans beings in our audience.

It’s a head and heart mixture.

I’m here to take you through from the spark to the flame.

And it’s fun to make fire.

Get in touch, Chris.

Powered by Unreal Engine

The CGI projects you buy from me are powered by Unreal Engine which I first used in 1999!

Why should you care?

The best craftsmen in any industry choose their tools very carefully.

Sony and McLaren use it for vehicle customisation and it’s the power behind visual and immersive projects by major estate developers worldwide and many other industries.

Unreal Engine has had many millions of dollars and talented people pouring in to it over 20 years and is actively, continually developed week on week by a team of literally hundred’s of dedicated people all over the world by Epic Games Inc.

If you want premium quality, you’re in good hands.

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