Chris Bradwell

Chris Bradwell

Hi! Glad you’re here.

I’m Chris.

Husband, Dad and all-in entrepreneur for 7 years now.

I work at my home studio with a roster of selected remote freelancers on a wide range of promotional projects, most of which I’m not allowed to show you.

Yeah I know. But, confidential for now.

Well, I like to convert the complicated into, easy to understand.

And using story and imagry of a future yet to unfold is what I do best.

Experience has taught me that leaving out meaning and purpose during the process of strategising to design to production, and instead concentrating exclusively on aesthetics means that viewers might appreciate, but not connect with everything that we’re trying to convey.

It’s a balance.

I love going through the process of strategic thinking through to the final media that serves your customers needs so that you grow as a result.

Although my aim is to make media that shifts the needle on your business,  I’m there with you from the start line, which is the moment we realise what we need, but not sure what to do about it.

Otherwise we may never be able to make that decision, and lose out on growing.

That’s why I’m here.

To take you through from the spark to the flame.

And it’s fun to make fire.

Get in touch, Chris.



My Short Biography:

I was in the games industry for many years, designing and releasing several video games, working in many places with good people, I gained accolades along the way including a Scottish BAFTA for Best Game 2009.

Then in 2011 set out on my own with just 1K to start on, by combining my love for production, architecture, digital art, gaming technology and communication.

I want to help people and organisations grow through all my skills.

It’s been a few years since, and it’s been the most stretching experience of my life.

And I like that.

Powered by Unreal Engine

The CGI projects you buy from me are powered by Unreal Engine which I first used in 1999!

Why should you care?

The best craftsmen in any industry choose their tools very carefully.

It’s behind visual and immersive projects by major estate developers worldwide and also the likes of Sony and McLaren.

Unreal Engine has had many millions of dollars and talented people over eighteen years and is actively, continually developed week on week by a team of literally hundred’s of dedicated people all over the place with Epic Games Inc.

If you want premium quality, you’re in good hands.

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