Making sense of VR for the building developer.

Chris Bradwell

Chris Bradwell

There’s so much noise around Virtual Reality that it’s hard to filter out the hype and see how real businesses are growing through using it in their content marketing.

I want to make the complicated, simple. I’m always thinking about how to do that through better communication, and not just the visual kind.

Although my aim is to make imagery you can be proud of that gets a great reaction from your audience, it’s the stages before that, the buying process for the developer, the architect or their marketers that can be really hard and I want to change that.

How do you decide on where to go and who to work with when barely anyone talks about your main questions, like how much does it cost and when can I get it? Who are you and can I trust you to do it etc..

I’m busy behind the scenes here writing content and making videos to help you out so please subscribe below to get notified when something you’re looking for comes up!

My Short Biography:

Having spent over seventeen years designing and releasing several video games, working in many places with good people, I gained accolades along the way including a Scottish BAFTA for Best Game 2009.

Then in 2011 set out on my own by combining my love for architecture and gaming technology by starting my own virtual architectural visualisation business (that’s a mouth full isn’t it! acronym VAV?) with just £1k.

It’s been a few years since, and now 2017 is going to be a busy year in which I want to share my knowledge and expertise in an interesting way through blogging and videos so you’re more informed and even excited about investing in CGI and VR to further your business.

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