Best stage to get a CGI done

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Timing is everything, so getting a CGI made is something of a consideration to get the best value for the money that you spend on it.

In terms of RIBA, they specify eight stages of a development.

There’s three design stages, 2, 3 and 4.

For example the V&A at Dundee got theirs made at stage 3, so that was in the middle of the three possible points at which a visualisation could be made of it.

On another project is was on the last stage, so it was ready to be constructed. But the reason they needed it at that point was for a grant application, to successfully raise the money to start construction.

Increased lead time.

You can go as soon as the concept stage and of course that is probably the time at which you’ll get the most value out of your CGI because of the increased lead time.

Having said that, no sooner has the visualisation been started, the development of the real design is carrying on and therefore there’s a lot of changes. And it can get hard to manage the time and cost of producing a visualisation if you’re in the concept stage.

Communicate your vision of the future to your audience

And the way to get round that problem is just to communicate your vision of the future to your audience, it’s what the final result is. So they won’t know if it’s been developed further, but you may want to consider the accuracy of what you’re releasing out there.

There’s this balance between getting it done as early as possible and getting it done towards the end where it’s more defined.

So all three stages are valid in the timing of the development of the design.

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