Regularly published articles and videos that aim to answer the questions you’re asking as you’re considering whether and where to get a CGI video or virtual reality walk-through of your developments.

The problem with property CGI and 3D animation

You’re in the process of a property development or a building development and you’re thinking about getting a property CGI or a 3D animation because you want to be able to expose it ahead of time before it’s complete. But there’s a problem with CGI but the problems is…

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The 2 types of VR content

When trying to decide or just understand if and how you would like to invest in virtual reality to showcase to your audience. You’ve probably read a lot of stuff about the range of available CG or VR and you’re head is spinning. You’re not alone! Yes, there are just...

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Remember, it’s an artistic impression

Having worked with developers and architects over the years creating CG images, video and VR buildings, I know it can be difficult not to be apprehensive over the images you’re paying for, even fearful.
You’re showcasing your project because it’s a big deal; it involves a significant investment of your time and money and you need it to do well.

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