Want a Price Grid for your development?

Total development: e.g. 200 m2
Interior to be seen: e.g. 100 m2
Fixtures: e.g. 5 items
Fittings: e.g. 10 items

Example prices based on the four input figures above.

Minimum order £1,499.

Want to see real examples?

Figures are on the project pages.
When do I get all the items in my package?

We make our way down the package list, one after the other.

For example, you order the ‘Live Visual’ package so we start with pictures, then 360° pictures, then the Video Tour, then the VR App.


Delivery times?

The standard schedule is defined according to the scope of work.

But I know your business schedule might be running short and you need it quicker than standard.

Not a problem!

I can offer to cut the schedule in half for double the standard cost by allocating more people from my pool.

Wether produced in standard time or in half time, here's some examples of problems that can crop up during production that are best discussed at the outset on prevention and resolution.

  1. I won't know until part way through the production process if there is unresolved or missing information provided, and that can cause delay in turnaround.
  2. How quickly I get a response back if something needs your decision.
  3. When you make any changes ranging from either minor to major.
  4. If I send you a work-in-progress image and you want me to wait for your response before continuing, it halts progress.

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Can I get a discount?

The prices have been chosen very carefully so that you get a good service and product which also allows me to continue improving both of them for your benefit.

You have many options available to pay the price you want because the cost is directly calculated according to the figures you enter into the Price Generator.

Here are 5 suggestions on how to bring down the price to suit your budget:

  1. Specify a smaller interior area to see.
  2. Only order the interior not the exterior.
  3. Choose a lower priced package.
  4. Specify less fixtures and fittings
  5. Order no fittings at all.
When is payment due?

50% before kickoff, 25% at half time and 25% when scored.

How do you calculate pricing?

Based on your unique figures entered into the standardised Price Generator, you get the same price as everyone else because I've worked hard to create a bespoke standardised pricing model and formula based from experience of real customer projects.

Can I upgrade to a higher package later?

Yes, you can purchase a higher package whether the project is still in progress or after it's finished and will be sent after the full difference has been received.

If however you don't order the higher package before the project is started, there will be an additional upgrade charge of 10% of the difference because it effects the planning during the process or for unarchiving and processing after completion.

My question is not answered here!

Please do ask me chris@livevisual.co.uk