The problem with property CGI and 3D animation

by | Sep 8, 2017 | Problems | 0 comments

You’re in the process of a property development or a building development and you’re thinking about getting a property CGI or a 3D animation because you want to be able to expose it ahead of time before it’s complete, all of that good stuff which is why CGI is so delicious.

But there’s a problem with CGI and that is, no sooner has it been done;

It’s a throwaway piece of work

Its value diminishes over time because the sooner time moves on the more complete your development is, and once it’s complete you can just photograph it and go about normal marketing activity.

Why bother?

So you may even think ‘well why would I spend any money on a piece of throwaway work when that money could probably go to some kitchen suite or a bathroom or something.’

Weigh it up

You have to weigh this up against the money that you spend on it, versus, the off-plan sale that you get directly because of your architectural 3d visualization.

Increase the velocity of your cash flow

The sooner you get it done the greatest advantage you have of exposing your development way ahead of time in order to increase the velocity of your cash flow.

It costs money to warp time you’re showing something which doesn’t yet exist.

Get the most value

Get your property CGI or 3D animation today so that you can get the most value out of them before it’s too late.