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Hogarth House CGI 3D video made in Virtual Reality

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CGI 3D video made in Virtual Reality put in Savills brochure to get early applications.

The developers bought Hogarth House shown here as a CGI 3D video made in Virtual Reality for £4,750,000 originally.

And now having been separated into two houses at £3,750,000 million each, these are luxury developments.

When they first bought it, it took them 2 years to actually get planning permission to even renovate the thing, which took 18 months.

It was the point to which they got planning permission around about that they needed to get some CGI images to put in Savills brochure to get early applications, because the sooner the thing gets sold the better.

Working closely with Architects, Interior Designers and freelance artists

I worked closely with the architects and the interior designers, very closely because it was all very bespoke from the ground up using schedules and a lot of back-and-forth.

I chose three of my freelance artists to work with me on this and this was all done remotely using online task management tools and source control.

We also took one of the photographs head-on from the front in order to add on a portico and wisteria that was in bloom.

Final interactive scene design options

I’m going to show you an overview of the final interactive scene that’s available to you as a customer.

By clicking and dragging the camera I can have a look around and using the arrow keys have a look around.

And so to interact with this scene furthermore, I can right click to change materials; colour schemes; design options; paintings etc.

I can even hide the people like this by pressing the ‘H’ key.

If I go over here now and I’ll change that too. And also, that wall.

Live video design options

We’ve got a slightly different design option and this is what the real room looked like while we were doing this.

And this also if I press spacebar it plays the video you saw at the beginning, but now that I’ve changed the colours.

I can also do while it’s playing, change this live video to anything I want at any point because it is live. And then pop back into the scene.

This fireplace started as photograph as did the other objects in here.


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CG images used in Savills brochure

Development Photos

Total development: 632 m2
Interior to be seen: 124 m2
Fixtures: 22 items
Fittings: 31 items

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