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new build homes

Chris recently created an external image for our company LeGrys and Lake Street Developments for some new build’s in Tunbridge Wells.

We have been thoroughly impressed with his attention to detail and communication throughout the process, from day one. We were regularly updated with previews along the way. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services in the future.

Dan and Harvey.

High quality homes need high quality CGI’s for marketing when before the build is completed, significantly increased lead times and easyer home buyer decisions is the goal.


What was the new build CGI process like?

After the first call to discuss the project and it’s goals, I received pdf’s of the site plan and front elevation, I had enough info then to produce the price options:

Project Scope: Produce one high-quality CGI front view of Silverdale Development.
Base cost for a front-on view of 4 houses from the same square angle as Front Elevation drawing: £
Addon option: Embellishments with cars and people: £
Addon option: Landscaping such as bushes, driveways, curbs, earth borders. This option will complete the scene and allow a higher camera position showing the whole development in the most complimentary way: £

It was a good fit and they choose the best option. Once the first 50% was received the project was live. Once I have all the information that is currently available like full CAD drawings and reference photos of parts of the build like the brickwork or photos of sample materials like roof tiles, production begins. The scene begun by modelling all the parts of the house. See below for the progress and final full sized image.

Snapshot of the actual listing:

Here’s a run down of the creation process 2 week period:

Preview 1: 1/4 progress:

Preview 2: 2/4 progress:

Preview 3 – 3/4 progress:

Final image 3840 x 2160 click to open fullsize:

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