St Stephens Apartments

Conversion 3D VR CGI

Changing the story: rejected grant subsequently won with this CGI and Virtual Reality project

This former Primary School was bought with the plan to convert into 8 apartments.

A government grant was available to help, but it was rejected and so it had to go back onto the market until a second application was made this time with this CGI and VR work.

Thanks to this CGI and Virtual Reality, the grant was won and work is well underway!

The investors plan almost fell through but now it’s going to be an asset instead of remaining empty, and will now provide much needed affordable housing.


2 min Video Flythrough

VR Desktop Windows App

4x ways 3D plans


Total internal area visuals:  322sqm

Total internal area (external contribution): 354sqm


Development Grant Won

Press coverage to attract tenants

Online video content marketing to attract tenants

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