V&A Museum of Design Dundee

New build 3D VR CGI

V&A Dundee’s first virtual walkthrough was five years ahead of construction and helped reach the £45M target.

V&A Museum of Design Dundee is an international centre of design for Scotland – the first ever design museum to be built in the UK outside London.

It was in 2012 when this visualisation project was needed because it was the time in the process to start full fundraising and community engagement. At that point the budget was £45M and they hit that target from Scottish Government and Lottery funding as well as private donars. Then in March 2015 they broke ground on site just after a budget rise to £80M for this major new build attraction.

Results: Buy-in from stakeholders and donors. Successful public consultations on design changes. Construction almost complete.

This is an old project from 2012 that doesn’t represent the quality you’ll receive today.

The best quality you will receive right now is shown in these projects: Worldwide Retailer CG video and Luxury Refurbishment CG video

Total development: 7999 m2
Interior to be seen: 4138 m2
Fixtures: 13 items
Fittings: 11 items

Fixtures list; 13 items

Spotlight housing
Granit stone flooring
Wooden flooring
Reception desk
Retail desk
Indoor glass barrier
Outdoor railings
Potted outdoor tree
Discovery ship
Railway station
Large windows and frames
Entrance lift

Fittings list; 11 items

Arran rug
Plywood bike
Britain 4m decal
Spencer 4m decal
Gorbils 4m decal
Yohji 10 clothes
Yohji fashion decal
Yohji poster decal
Power of making 4m decal

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