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Cinematic CG promo video

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How I designed this worldwide retailer’s promo video

“A worldwide retailer needed to share the story of the envisaged future customer experience in the digital age that we’re in, from the point of view of the customers and the staff.

You’re looking at a short clip from the full cinematic CG promo video, that was shown to a worldwide internal audience, to synchronize and inspire at a single touch point, all visually.

I want to tell you about why this video was made, what the process was like, what the results were that this video was supposed to give, and any problems along the way and how they were resolved.

How it started

One of their suppliers rang me up whom I’d worked with before they said:

“Hey Chris, remember that video that you made for us last year?”

I said Um-hum!

He said:

“The whole thing’s growing arms and legs now.”

“Have you got time to make us another promotional video?”

Tell me all about it I said…


That’s going to be between X & Y amount and the first session will be X amount.

A Define & Design Session.

A couple of weeks?

Yeah great I’ll be there.


Define & Design Session

We defined what the goal was that ultimately is, and that is the action that we wish the viewers to take.

And so what we’re designing into this video isn’t then just communicating facts and figures.

We’re getting people excited; we’re inspiring them.

And that only happens when we communicate not just with the head but with the heart as well.

The meaning and the purpose and what’s behind it, are the subtleties that go into making a video far more likely to yield the results that we’re making it for.

Directing scenes on the real-time film set

This is where production actually happens I’m going to show you what goes on behind the scenes.

Talking of scenes, by now the six scenes in this case, have been designed out, such that it contains the whole story and they all merge into each other to make the full video.

The very first thing that happens though is that we build the scenes.

We build the virtual film sets within which all this filming takes place and I’m going to show you what it is.

Here we are and if I press play, but then pop the camera out, I can move around this virtual film set.

And then I can stop everyone what they’re doing and I can move their timings all over the place according to what I need them to be, where I need them to be, what I need them to be doing.

Changing their animations and also laying out the cinematic cameras so that we get the best results.

At this point, is later on when I’m Directing the scenes, having had them already being made either by me or by my approved roster of freelance artists.


Building the scenes

What it usually looks like when we first start out building these sets, from either CAD data or reference photos all that kind of information is by-the-by.

When you see it, it will be black and white because that happens before we add the colour in.

And that’s just a great way to go about constructing these sets and not getting caught up in stages merging into each other.

If we go back out here we can see that all these different elements have been created to make up a film set.


The Live Visual App

Now, you may be thinking this is a great interactive environment and you could probably use it.

Well as part of this project it wasn’t required. It was just the promotional video. But any project that you have made you have the promotional video but also I’ve designed an interactive app which is for your ease of use, and I’ve made a separate video showing it:

Luxury Residential Refurbishment


I hope you enjoy that little insight into how things are made behind the scenes, and you can expect something similar from your project too.

How were problems resolved?

In terms of problems along the way, they were very scarce because of the quality of the Define & Design Session right at the beginning.

That is, the decisions have been made it’s been thoroughly thought through and strategized.

It’s been green-lighted and what’s left is the execution.

Having done the first part properly there is little in the way of surprises.

And so that’s great the only problem was a little one at the end that was an administrative error on my part, not communicating the timing of the final invoice.

But it didn’t hold up the final delivery or the quality of any of the process, so that was fully resolved.


Were they happy with all this?

All’s well that ends well because what they had to say about the result, was that it was

“Superb” and that I’d

“Hit the nail on the head”

Now that’s no accident.

That’s because they were referring to the goals that were defined at the start, having thought about what the results are that are needed with this video.

That it was going to encompass and inspire action and ultimately result in growth.


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