The 2 types of VR headset

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How to choose which VR headset to support for your audience.

If you’re showcasing your building project and you’re interested in presenting with virtual reality, it helps to know how to make sense of the ever increasing range of VR headsets available, but don’t panic because it’s not hard to know how to approach this.

From your audience’s perspective, in what situation are they actually going to use your VR tour?

Virtual reality runs on either a computer or a mobile phone and thus:

These are the TWO HEADSET TYPES:

  1. Mobile (headset holds mobile phone on which the VR content runs.)
  2. Tethered (headset is wired to a PC on which the VR content runs)


VR headset or no VR headset?

It’s worth noting that you can give a good virtual reality experience without any headsets at all! It’s just not “immersive”.

You can even deliver VR in a web browser eliminating any special hardware completely! Subscribe and you’ll get an email as soon as I’ve put that up to show you soon.

But immersive is really where the beauty of VR lies because it can create an emotional reaction and invoke strong feelings.

If you have not had a full immersive experience yet (there are varying levels below full), you simply will not believe, understand or value the extent to which immersive VR can overwhelm you with a sense of presence.

It’s also worth noting that, any headset needs a counterpart piece of hardware – a computer, or mobile phone. So it’s never a standalone cost when counting the cost of headsets to you or your end user.

So VR runs on a mobile or PC (macs can’t do VR), without a headset, but the end user can choose to hook up to a headset if they wish, which is a good option to build in.


Photographic virtual tour or CGI virtual tour?

The two types of VR headset are pertinent to the types of VR content.

The deciding factor is actually dependent on how easily accessible it is to your audience, because you wouldn’t want to compromise the project over an accessibility issue.

Is accessibility important, or premium experience? The more premium or realistic the experience the more your audience are likley to be enthusiasts because of the higher cost of hardware.

Tethered headsets and PC’s cost more than mobile setups and are used for CG not photographic, since it doesn’t require much power to run a virtual photographic tour.