The best CGI and VR is invisible

by | Nov 30, 2017 | Best | 0 comments

When we’re shopping around we naturally want to know what is the best that money can buy so that we know how close to best we can get for the money that’s in our wallet.

The reason that I say CGI and virtual Reality are the best when they are invisible, is because your design is the star of the show, Virtual Reality and CGI are sideshows.

The approach is what makes CGI and VR the best

So the main deal here, is the approach towards getting your design to really shine through in whatever medium it is.

Here we’re talking about CGI because your design hasn’t yet been made so that you can photograph it!

We don’t notice that we’re looking at a photograph, we recognize a good photograph when it’s taken which is why we pay people to do it.

Focusing on the subject not the medium

The experience and professionalism that goes into a great photograph is just like CGI. That is, the focus is literally about the subject matter not the medium.

We can all appreciate great CGI or great photography but ultimately it is what is in those photographs or in those CGI images or video fly throughs that matters.

What really makes your design come to life

And it really affects the process and the communication between getting the people who create your content and make your design come to life, and yourselves. So that two-way path is governed by the approach of what is really important here.

So we’ve established that your design is the star of the show.