What Makes A B2B Promo Video Successful?

by | Apr 26, 2018 | The Process | 0 comments

When the value is obvious the decision is easy.

I’m not here to make stuff for you before we’ve spent time figuring out how to make your value obvious to your leads to make their decision easier.

Now ultimately, I’m three people removed from the people that we start to discuss, which is your customers’ customer.

We’re helping other people grow their business through what we’ve got to offer and making that value obvious, and not just making it obvious, but matching it up with the right people is key.

High level thinking is a solid foundation.

So we first of all start with some real high level thinking because out of that once it’s complete that is the solid foundation on which everything else is built.

And this becomes a problem for people who want to get a promotional video made – or whatever format it takes – because it then feels like we ought to be directors and we ought to know exactly what we want but that is part of the process.

If you want to go someone who can make you this, and they put you in the shoes of a director then you’re going to feel pressured and you’re going to have an onus that the pressure is on you.

You know your business inside out.

But you want a promotional video because you know your business inside out and you know your leads inside out – your potential customers – and you have an idea of why they want what you’ve got.

That is what we’re selling to.

So this is marketing with a fully sales-oriented approach and that is, people will buy from us when the value is obvious.

Let’s make the decision easy for your leads to get what they need from you because we’re looking for the solutions to grow what we’re doing.

We start with the strategy.

Strategic thinking is the difference between success or failure.

And that pulls together you and I, the full plan which once complete, anyone could make the video because there’s lots of skilled people and lots of choice to get great videos made.

But just like a film a feature animation DreamWorks, Disney whatever you know what you’re looking at on screen started a long time ago with drawings on a wall and all of that was locked down before they start making the thing.

It’s a separate department, a separate process.

We can’t miss out the front bit because that would mean the difference between the success or failure of a video.

How will you judge if this is successful?

And I would ask you one of the first questions is “how will you judge if this is successful?” because from that we can build upon making sure that your material that’s made for you through this process becomes an investment and isn’t just a throwaway expense because it didn’t return to us what we expected it to do.

It’s an investment because it returns at least 10x what we spent on it, in time and effort and soul to get these things right.

And that all is all to do with setting it up to win at the beginning.

I want to help you win in your business.

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