Why did V&A Dundee invest in a virtual 3D tour?

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The Victoria & Albert Museum of Design Dundee or V&A Dundee for short

It’s astonishing isn’t it, and it’s not even finished. Five years ago that was the site of the public swimming pools for Dundee.

I remember standing on top of the flat roof taking panoramic photographs of the surrounding area to go towards making the virtual 3D tour, the video flythrough of this future.

At that point they had £45M to raise and that’s why they need what the described as a key tool to go to cultivation events and private meetings to raise this kind of money.

You can see on the corner down there that they’re putting in the first of the planks.

The time was right for them to invest in a virtual tour

Because at that point the belief in this actually happening was pretty low.

Since then it’s been through quite a journey this building. Much like the Discovery ship down here that Captain Scott sailed.

The video was a success, of course, because the Scottish government put in £25M at the start. Then when the budget had to double they put in another £22M, along with several other the bodies.

There’s now unprecedented levels of investment in and around Dundee. Not least because of this.

It was two years ago since they actually started constructing this thing and just a few months before that it was revealed that the budget almost doubled from £45M to £80M.

Why did they choose me to make the video?

When there’s plenty of talented people who can do it. It’s because they knew me and they trusted me.

3D virtual reality tour

I remember going to the architect’s office with the the virtual tour, the interactive one. There were two Japanese architects there. I couldn’t understand what they were saying to each other but they were very enthusiastic as they walked around and together discussed what they were looking at on screen. They got a real sense of where things were in full 3D, interactive 3D.

It was an investment to actually convert the plans

The existing plans were at stage D into a fully fledged video which actually showed what it’s going to be like in five years’ time.

Now we’re here in that future which might otherwise not have happened.

[quip] A view from the bow of the ship! Brilliant!

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